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Some notes:

  1. Every recipe included here takes under 15 minutes to make and doesn’t require an oven, because I usually do not have the patience to cook for more than 15 minutes or wait for food that is in the oven. There will also be no advanced prep or “now let it cool” stage, because I resent those.
  2. I am not pretending any of these recipes are amazing; they are, instead, all solid 7/10 weeknight dinners.
  3. Due to the aforementioned neurodivergence, I have very specific tastes in food and only like relatively few things; some ingredients will pop up repeatedly as a result.
  4. I can only apologise to the great nation of Italy and to large swathes of the Asian continent for what I have done to your food. None of what follows is in any way authentic. My approach is purely vibes based.
  5. I don’t do quantities or details or anything, due to, again, my neurodivergent, vibes based approach to cooking. But it’s all pretty straightforward, I think.

Cumin lamb noodles*

  • again, really not the authentic ones, way too many steps in the recipe for the authentic ones

Ingredients: lamb mince / spring onions / garlic / those fat chewy noodles you get in Asian supermarkets, preferably dry / soy sauce / cumin / chiu chow chilli oil / rice wine

# take your lamb mince and put some cumin, chilli oil and soy sauce on it then mix it all together with your fingers

# put some water to boil on the kettle

# chop some green onions and garlic and make lil’ meatballs from the lamb mince

# start cooking the noodles; put some vegetable oil in the pan

# throw in the spring onions; while they start melting, mix some soy sauce, cumin, chilli oil and rice wine in a bowl, occasionally tasting with your finger until it tastes real good

# throw in the garlic and lamb into the pan, on quite high fire, and stir until everything’s cooked

# throw the cooked noodles into the pan; add in the sauce thingy you made, maybe add some sesame seeds if you’re feeling fancy, mix it all until the noodles are fully coated in the sauce


Buckwheat pasta with salmon and spinach

Ingredients: buckwheat pasta / fresh salmon fillet / fresh spinach, preferably young / garlic / olive oil / black pepper

# boil some water in the kettle and put some buckwheat pasta in a pot with some salt; chop the garlic

# once the pasta’s in, start frying your salmon in a big pan; once it’s tender enough to chop, just chop it up like a savage with your wooden spoon

# throw in the garlic and spinach, stir until it looks good

# once the pasta’s ready, throw it in the pan and mix it all together, add in some coarse black pepper, maybe add some extra olive oil if you feel you deserve it, you can also (Italians stop reading) add a bit of cheese at this point


Pilau rice with prawns and courgettes

Ingredients: those fancy pouches of wholegrain pilau rice from Tilda / mini courgettes / prawns, preferably fresh but tbh that’s up to you

# cut the mini courgettes in little circles, removing the top and bottom

# throw them in a pan on mid heat in some olive oil, stir occasionally so they start getting soft and a bit grilled

# once they’re starting to look quite well cooked, throw in the prawns and mix it all together until said prawns are cooked as well

# add the pilau rice; stir on low heat for a while, if you’ve done it correctly the mini courgettes should basically melt into the rice, it’s dope


Rice noodles with bacon and aubergines*

*I honestly don’t even know how many countries I’m insulting with this one, sorry, but also I promise it’s nice

Ingredients: thai rice sticks / one aubergine / some bacon medallions / sesame oil / chiu chow chilli oil

# cut the aubergine in like…fat matches? that’s how I’d describe that shape

# throw ’em in a pan with a lot of olive oil on medium heat, stirring so they really soak it all up

# put the kettle on; cut the bacon medallions in quite thick strips

# start cooking the rice sticks; throw the bacon bits in the pan with the aubergine, which should hopefully be way tender now, and put the heat up so everything grills

# when the rice sticks are ready, throw ’em in the pan, add in some sesame oil and chilli oil, and again, some sesame seeds if you’re feeling especially sesame-y, and some black pepper too


Fancy lukewarm pasta

Ingredients: fancy dry pasta / capers / tuna / one (1) egg

# boil the pasta

# while that’s occuring, mix the tuna and capers together in some olive oil

# soft boil the egg

# once the pasta is done, quickly rinse it in cold water so it’s lukewarm, mix it with the capers and tuna, peel the egg, cut it in half, and put it atop the pasta like a fancy prince

(note: pasta must be fancy for this as the consistency of non-fancy pasta when it’s not very hot is simply foul)

Chicken and avocado wrap

Ingredients: chicken breasts / avocado / wraps / soy sauce / honey / one (1) egg

# cut the chicken breast in little dice and mix it together in lots of soy sauce and a bit of honey in a plate or big bowl, just with your fingers

# fry said chicken in a pan

# while it gently fries, mash an avocado like your life depends on it, mixing in some salt and olive oil

# fry an egg on the side, as a treat

# warm up the tortilla wrap in a pan or in the microwave; squish the avocado onto it; add in the diced chicken and the egg; close the tortilla wrap


Very French rice

Ingredients: rice / olive oil / tinned sardines / sweetcorn / pepper / one (1) egg

# put rice on the boil

# while the rice boils, go read a book, fight a war, fall in and out of love, idk, rice just takes so long to cook, oh my god

# at some point, soft boil an egg

# like three minutes before the rice is ready, mix in the sardines and sweetcorn in some olive oil

# once the rice is ready, add it to your mix of things and, once again, peel and cut the soft boiled egg in half, and delicately place it atop your rice

Rice sticks with prawns and spinach

Ingredients: Thai rice sticks / fresh prawns / fresh spinach / sesame oil / crispy chilli in oil / chiu chow chilli oil

# boil water and throw the rice sticks in

# fry your prawns in a neutral oil; when they’re nearly done, throw in the spinach; add an obscene amount of crispy chilli in oil

# once everything’s one, add the rice sticks to the pan, add in some sesame oil and chiu chow chilli oil, bit of black pepper


(note: I actually also add a fried egg on top of this but was starting to get self conscious about the number of recipes I make that involve adding an egg on top — still, I’d recommend it)

That’s it for now! I hope it helped! Also none of those are settled in any way, I usually make variations of them most weeks, these are just the core recipes, go live your life, improve these recipes, make them worse, change them altogether, I believe in you



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