ADHD recipes

  1. Every recipe included here takes under 15 minutes to make and doesn’t require an oven, because I usually do not have the patience to cook for more than 15 minutes or wait for food that is in the oven. There will also be no advanced prep or “now let it cool” stage, because I resent those.
  2. I am not pretending any of these recipes are amazing; they are, instead, all solid 7/10 weeknight dinners.
  3. Due to the aforementioned neurodivergence, I have very specific tastes in food and only like relatively few things; some ingredients will pop up repeatedly as a result.
  4. I can only apologise to the great nation of Italy and to large swathes of the Asian continent for what I have done to your food. None of what follows is in any way authentic. My approach is purely vibes based.
  5. I don’t do quantities or details or anything, due to, again, my neurodivergent, vibes based approach to cooking. But it’s all pretty straightforward, I think.

Cumin lamb noodles*

  • again, really not the authentic ones, way too many steps in the recipe for the authentic ones

Buckwheat pasta with salmon and spinach

Pilau rice with prawns and courgettes

Rice noodles with bacon and aubergines*

Fancy lukewarm pasta

Chicken and avocado wrap

Very French rice

Rice sticks with prawns and spinach




The Sunday Sport once called me a 'less-than-original sex person'.

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Marie Le Conte

Marie Le Conte

The Sunday Sport once called me a 'less-than-original sex person'.

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