Some London-based tattoo artists I like

Marie Le Conte
3 min readAug 14, 2022

TL;DR: I have many tattoos! I really enjoy following the work of tattoo artists on Instagram! Here are 24 of them whose work I like. They’re all based in London because that is where I am also based.

Some quick notes:

  • Quite a lot of them do stick and poke work because I personally like stick and poke, though there are lots of machine tattooers in there as well
  • If you’re after an artist you can just send a design to then this list is probably not for you as most of them only do their own flash, though always worth getting in touch with them directly, I guess you never know
  • There’s a healthy mix of young and experienced/barely known and very famous in there
  • To be clear I’ve not been tattooed by all of them, though I’ve been tattooed by some of them

Perhaps more importantly:

  • Whenever possible I’ve included a recent flash sheet from them but do click through! Have a look around! One piece or one flash is never going to be entirely representative of an artist’s work.

Anyway. So. Tattoos. In no particular order:

Cora Poke



Marie Le Conte

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