Some thoughts on Tears of the Kingdom

Marie Le Conte
2 min readMay 28, 2023

(spoiler-free as long as you’ve put in like, at least a couple of hours in the game)

# It’s very overwhelming! I’m very overwhelmed. I don’t remember Breath of the Wild being this overwhelming and I don’t know if it’s because 1) I know the scale of the game already so it’s all quite daunting 2) we now have the skies and the underground world as well but I Am Overwhelmed

# lmao the number of side quests in Hateno, went in for a little walk around and now I have to help all 3794 citizens with something, insanely needy bunch, the Hatenians

# I am sooooooo bad at building stuff oh my god, why does Nintendo think I’m any good at building contraptions, it’s beautiful to watch someone have this much faith in me but it’s unwarranted, please don’t make me build anything that’s more than, at most, three planks of wood stuck together, am no engineer

# Link’s little outfits are so slutty :)

# I feel like the scrolling to attach stuff to your arrow is a bit too faffy. Obviously feel bad for criticising an otherwise perfect game but I have so many things in my inventory, hate 2 scroll sideways for one million years

# The use of the quite minimalistic music is so good, it’s insane, I’m genuinely still creeped out whenever I go into the Depths, absolutely masterful

# My friend Rachael said that the sound it makes when you ascend is quite “fleshy” and now I think about it every time I do it, cheers Rach

# So for the last 100 or so hours I played Breath of the Wild I had the Hero’s Journey or whatever it was called turned on so I could see where I’d been and holy macaroni it’s very weird to now be playing again without it, just endlessly going to places it turns out I’ve been to seven times already or going full Gandalf“I have no memory of this place” in bits of Hyrule I?? feel like I’ve maybe been too before?

# I hate the Depths Platypuses with my life, pathetics creeps

# The mountains are still the worst bits of Hyrule, fuck the mountains

(will keep adding to this as I go along, this is it for now)



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